Wire Gel


Сreate unique artistic 3D designs with the innovative Ju.Bilej Wire Gel. It allows you to make complex convex shapes which can be stored for as long as you need and maintain their flexibility and elasticity. 


Use Wire Gel to model 3D shapes as you work on a manicure or create a whole batch in advance to speed up and streamline the process. The gel holds pigments and rub-in powders well, so you can add some colour and shine to your design. 


It’s best to create convex details on a silicone mat or a nail stamping pad. Then you can put them in any kind of nail lamp to dry, which will take just 1-2 minutes (depending on the lamp’s power).


Wire Gel makes creating original, unique designs easier, helps you to hone your skills and add a special touch to all your works.