Top Coat Dotty Flake


Dots and dashes, hexagons and triangles… And all kinds of fun shapes!


The new Step In Style Color GEL Top Coat Dotty Flake collection consists of 4 gel top coats with matte black and white glitter particles in different shapes and sizes. Tiny dot-like specks, “torn” flakes and neat hexagons spread out evenly on the nail, creating unique, eye-catching abstract patterns with a simple stroke of a brush.


The range features clear top coats without sticky layer filled with different mixes of glitter particles:

  • black + white hexagons in different sizes;
  • ultra fine black glitter + “torn” black glitter;
  • small black & white hexagons + чёрные и белые шестиугольники + “torn” black & white glitter;
  • white hexagons in different sizes.