Dry Oil


What’s that lovely smell?.. Our Dance Legend Dry Oil is now available in two new versions with vibrant fragrances!

The Sicilian Orange one has a lively, energizing smell of citrus fruits. The round bottle with a vibrant orange oil and white flowers inside will become a gorgeous, eye-catching accessory on your dressing table.

The Lotus Harmony version will cheer you up with is fresh herbal scent with milk oolong tea notes. In the light turquoise texture of this oil there are sparkly silvery crystals along with tiny white and pink flowers.

Dance Legend Dry Oils provide instant care for dry cuticles, making them look pampered and well-maintained. If used regularly, it makes the skin velvety-soft, smooth and more elastic. The lightweight formula creates an invisible, breathable barrier, sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave an oily or sticky feeling. It’s especially convenient to use when working with papers or wearing a matte manicure.