Step pen


The most efficient nail & cuticle care products are those you use on a regular basis! Which is why we’ve released four different helpers in a handy pen format: they are easy to use, convenient to store in your bag or on your desk – and you can even take them all with you on a vacation to use them any time you have your hands free.


  • Step in Style CUTICLE REMOVER Natural – this cuticle remover gel has a pink texture filled with fine gold shimmer. It acts gently but effectively, dissolves dead skin cells, softens the cuticle allowing you to push it down and also slows its growth. 
  • Step in Style GEL OIL Natural – this gel oil offers intensive care & repair properties. It also contains antibacterial components which make it a perfect companion for everyday nail & cuticle care. The light, delicate oil texture quickly soaks into the skin, provides an instant effect and doesn’t leave a greasy residue
  • Step in Style CREAM BALM Natural – a creamy cuticle balm with light, comfortable texture. It helps restore and protect the skin after the manicure and has an antibacterial effect.
  • Step in Style MONARDA OIL Natural – this Monarda oil mix for nails & cuticles has a pink texture and provides an intensive care. Monarda, sweet almond and grape seed oils combined with chamomile extract & vitamin E actively restore and hydrate dry, weak nails & cuticles.


All nail & cuticle care pens contain 4 ml of product and have a convenient applicator tip for quick and easy use.