Step In Style Colour Gel Base Coat Camouflage


The Step In Style Colour Gel Base Coat Camouflage is your first step to a perfect manicure. Sheer, translucent texture in natural airy shades smoothes out any imperfections on the nail plate, evens out its tone and neutralizes discolorations.


Thanks to its self-levelling, flexible formula, the base creates an even, uniform surface and creates a perfect canvas for any kind of nail design or coloured gel polish application. This 2-in-1 product is also a great choice for those who love a simple, natural mani: it acts as a base and a colour coat at once, allowing you to create a beautiful nude nail look quicker and easier than ever.


The shade range features 3 versatile camouflage tones: milky white, soft pink and nude beige.