Step Highlighter


Straight A’s! Nail polishes in the new Step In Style Color Highlighter range work both as strengthening treatment and as a colour coat – and they get both tasks done with excellence.


All polishes have sheer texture and subtle natural shades, which allows them to conceal slight imperfections and create a sleek, well-maintained nail look immediately after application. The formula with caring ingredients hydrates, strengthens and restores thin, damaged nails (e.g. after taking off gel polish) helping bring back healthy hardness and thickness.


Apply the polish in one coat for a light colour-correcting effect or use two coats for more coverage and opacite. The nude tones in the range are inspired by face highlighter shades and contain delicate micro shimmer to give your nail some extra volume. These fine glowing particles also help to hide the nail imperfections by diffusing the light and creating a blurring effect.


You can use these polishes solo and in different designs (e.g. a french manicure) or apply them as a strengthening base for any colour polishes.

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