Step Base Effect


We’re mixing classic with fun and soft with edgy!


New Step Base Effect gel base coat range features 6 sheer nude shades filled with sparkly particles of different shape, size and colour. Each base in the collection has its unique effect:

  • Pink Cloud Base – a nude pinkish beige base with medium-sized bright gold and colourful flakes;
  • Foil Base Crystal Gold a soft pink base with large gold and iridescent flakes;
  • Shimmer Base Zefir – a soft pink base with small iridescent flakes;
  • Foil Base Arlecino – a milky white base with large multi coloured flakes;
  • Base Chrome Silver – a milky white base with thin silver flakes;
  • Confetti Base – a milky white base with large white, pink & lilac hexagons, gold flakes and torn silver shimmer.

The gel bases can be used solo as a 2-in-1 product (base + colour coat) for a quick & simple gel manicure or as a base for nail designs in different techniques.