Silicon Gel


Dance Legend Silicon Gel is an innovative product for nail reinforcement and modeling. Compared to classic nail building gels, it’s extremely easy to use and apply – the texture is not sticky so you can spread it even with your finger. And to make it even easier, you can use Dance Legend Slip Liquid.

The gel is available in a convenient syringe format, which allows to dispense the texture immediately to the nail. After curing in a UV- or a LED-lamp Silicon Gel texture becomes hard and strong, while also keeping enough elasticity and flexibility to prevent cracking. 

The product is available in 8 shades with different textures and finishes:

  • clear;
  • milky white;
  • milky white with shimmer flakes;
  • dusty pink with pink potal flakes;
  • nude pinky beige;
  • nude beige;
  • beige with gold shimmer;
  • silver shimmer with holographic hexagon glitter.

Silicon Gel can be used for nail repair, reinforcement or nail modeling.