Stamping Plates


It’s time to get your decor on! We’ve developed two original stamping plates to help you embellish your nails with neat patterns and motifs for the new season. 


The “Floristics” plate includes botanical motifs: choose a beautiful floral print or combine dainty blossoms, branches and leaves as you wish to create unique floral compositions on your nails.


The “Nail Deco” plate by Ju.Bilej gives you a framework for creating an exquisite manicure with an art-deco vibe. Thin geometric shapes, linear patterns and stencils for a decorative french manicure complement each other perfectly – like intricate puzzle pieces all falling into place to create a mesmerizing vintage design.


Thanks to high-quality engraving on the plates, even the thinnest lines are easy to transfer to the nail without deforming or breaking.

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