Nail Brush Cleaner


Available since 1 march 2021.

A good brush turns into a magic wand in the hands of a master, allowing them to bring any design idea to life. And when you find this perfect tool, you’d want to keep it forever – or, at least, for as long as possible. To keep your lucky brushes in perfect shape at all times, you need to take good care of them by cleaning them timely, regularly and carefully.

The unique formula of our new Nail Brush Cleaner liquid removes any kind of residue: paints, gels, gel polishes or acrylics. The product dissolves the build up quickly and effectively, while the softening ingredients make the cleansing process as mild and gentle as possible, keeping your brushes soft and giving them a longer life. For effective cleaning, keep your brushes in the liquid at least for two minutes. If you need to soak them, use a container with a holder. Then remove any residue with a lint-free cloth.