Oil Shake


Keeping your nails strong, healthy and beautiful requires some care and effort, especially when the nail plate is prone to breaking, splitting and dryness.
You can solve all these issues with monarda oil – a powerful natural ingredient for complex, multifunctional care. Natural monarda oil helps restore fragile and damaged nails, promotes healthy growth, delivers essential nutrients and acts as an antiseptic. It also hydrates and softens the cuticle, making the skin smoother and more elastic. Our Monarda Oil Shake products will help you take the best of this healing extract and bring it to your everyday nail care routine:

Monarda Oil Shake “Dry” Oil – this nail helper immediately improves the skin elasticity and makes it velvety soft, prevents dryness and sinks in quickly without leaving an oily film, stickiness or any other residue.
Monarda Oil Shake «Vitamin Oil» Strong Nails – the formula of this product contains vitamins E & F along with the main caring ingredient, monarda oil. This mix hydrates dry cuticles to prevent hangnails and strengthens the nail plate to help with splitting, breaking and flaking.
Monarda Oil Shake Natural Oil – it’s a whole cocktail of caring ingredients: there’s monarda oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, chamomile extract and vitamin E. This powerful complex actively repairs and strengthens weak, damaged nails and cuticles, making them look healthy and well-maintained.