Leather Gel


It’s a wild thing! With the new Leather Gel collection you’ll be able to create stylish nail looks with a stunning leather-like effect.


The range includes an innovative Leather Gel Base coat along with seven Leather Gel Color shades: black, white, nude, brown, wine, deep blue and green. A combination of these two products is all you need to get that unique exotic leather texture on the nails. 


Just follow these three steps:

  1. Apply any colour product (a gel polish or a gel) on the nails – it will peek through the “cracks” on the surface later. Cure it in a lamp.
  2. Apply a coat of transparent Leather Gel Base over it. 
  3. Pick a shade of Leather Gel Color and apply it in drops over the wet surface. Then cure the manicure for at least 2 minutes in a hybrid lamp (don’t cure the coats in between).


That’s it! Now you just need to remove the sticky layer and enjoy the spectacular effect.