Gems Gel


Available since 7 december 2020.

Nature works tirelessly and without taking a single break. Hundreds, thousands of years pass before wonderful treasures come to life: we’re talking about gems, minerals and precious metals.

To find a bright, shiny crystal in heaps of waste rock – isn’t it a true miracle? It’s no surprise that people bestowed these gifts of the Earth with some mystical qualities since the ancient times. Some say precious stones and minerals are linked to different stars and planets, some use them to transmit magical energy, others embellish their homes with gems in hopes of finding the perfect harmony.

Gel polishes in the new Gems collection will become your lucky talismans: 6 wonderful shades are lit from within by small glitter particles and look just like polished natural stones.

The range features calm, discreet tones, inspired by the mesmerizing beauty and mystical energy of crystals: pink rhodonite, purple amethyst, smoky labradorite, peach quartz, beige morganite and milky opal.