Dance Legend Trench


What’s the first thing in an autumn wish list of every fashionista? That’s right, it’s a stylish trench coat. And on the next lines you’re sure to find the trendy gel polishes from our new Trench collection!

The colour palette consists of deep, opaque shades (LE270-LE275) with enamel texture and glossy finish: saffron yellow, pumpkin orange, cranberry red, berry plum, grape purple and dark blueberry. The cosy tones of these gel polishes are sure to put you in a good mood and complement any autumn look.

LE270 Wishing Wellies

LE271 Sweater Weather

LE272 Umbrella Corp.

LE273 Brrr-Berry

LE274 Coat Of Honor

LE275 Hatters Gonna Hat