“Dance Legend” Poly Shine gel top coat with light-reflecting



The new Poly Shine gel top coat with light-reflecting particles is a true master of metamorphosis!


Its clear base is filled with special glitter which reacts to direct light rays with with intense, dynamic glow. In regular day light it glimmers lightly with silver specks, but under a focused light source (e.g .a flashlight) it bursts with diamond sparkles, bright & beaming like tiny stars. Top coat with fine light-reflecting particles works well with gel polishes of any colour and texture, allowing you to finish off every manicure with a voluminous, multidimensional glow. 


Same as the rest of the top coats in Poly Shine series, this product has no sticky layer, adds ultra shiny finish to any gel polish, doesn’t get dull or cloudy and protects the manicure.